Bletchley Park

We were in Milton Keynes to take part in indoor sky diving, and someone cleverly suggested we went to nearby Bletchley Park. This was the home of the WW2 codebreakers that tried to decrypt German messages transmitted using the Enigma machine. It’s now a heritage attraction that makes a very interesting day out.


Southwold Camping

Following a long trip up to Edinburgh (with some quite frankly awful weather), we welcomed the chance to spend a couple of days in Sunny Suffolk by the coast. We camped at a nearby Adnams Pub, which was rather convenient given my love of the Adnams Brewery.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Our first visit to the Edinburgh Fringe, and something I had wanted to do for quite a while. We travelled the 450 miles up to Scotland in our Campervan, and stayed on a campsite just outside Edinburgh.
The whole of Edinburgh is taken over by the event; you can’t escape Street performers and people handing out flyers everywhere you go.
We saw some great shows (David O’Doherty, Frisky & Mannish, Showhawk Duo) and some not so great (I wont name them here).

It was an amazing experience to see Edinburgh in this way, but now I’ve done it it’s not something I’d rush back to do.

Latitude Festival 2019

Belated posting of a few photos from our recent weekend at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk.
It was our 11th year attending, so it now feels very much like home from home. We attend regardless of the line-up as we like the vibe and generally find it a great weekend with the chance to see some amazing bands, great comedy, eat loads of different foods from the many many pop up merchants there, plus drink an unhealthy amount of beer.

Highlights of the weekend included Underworld, Chvrches, Kero Kero Bonito, The Big Moon, Nadine Shah and Kokoko!
With the exception of Kokoko!, all these were bands I’d seen a few times before, so a bit disappointing that I didn’t get blown away by anything new, but overall it was a simply fantastic weekend. Must book next years tickets soon……

First Post

So. I need to add something here just to test it works. I guess I should write something really profound or meaningful, but being frank having just wasted to much time learning how to use WordPress, I’m not really in the mood.
I’ll just post a photo instead then.
Beach Huts in Overstrand from last weekend.

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